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Sheppard Pratt Generator Building – Towson, MD

SVA was the prime consultant and assembled a complete design team including architect, structural engineer, civil engineer and landscape architect for the design of a major emergency power system upgrade at this existing inpatient and outpatient psychiatric hospital. The goal of the project was to provide sufficient emergency power to maintain full facility operation in case of long term power outages, similar to these which had been experienced in recent years due to summer storms.

The project included a new building addition of approximately 2,000 square feet to house two (2) new 1,000 kW diesel fired standby generators and electrical paralleling switchgear. In addition to the two (2) new generators, an existing 1,250 kW generator was replaced and connected to the new paralleling switchgear for a combined emergency power plant capacity of 3,125 kW.

Emergency power was provided from the new paralleling switchgear to serve four (4) existing chillers and associated pumps, cooling towers and miscellaneous equipment at the facility. Each chiller was provided with a separate automatic transfer switch and electrical interlocks were provided to allow operation any two (2) of the four (4) chillers at any time during generator operation. One (1) of the existing chillers was also retrofitted with new soft start controls to minimize impact on the emergency power system.

In addition to the three (3) large generators connected to the paralleling system, the facility also included two (2) smaller emergency generators serving dedicated areas. Emergency feeders were extended to these areas to provide manually controlled backup should one of these generators be inoperative due to maintenance or equipment failure. The transfer arrangements for the two (2) smaller generators were provided on a manual operation basis.

The two (2) new 1,000 kW generators were supplied by diesel fuel stored in two (2) 10,000 above ground, double wall, fire rated fuel tanks. The tanks will supply a minimum of 96 hours of fuel at generator full load.

The generator building was designed to blend in aesthetically with the existing buildings, many of which are historic structures, on the Sheppard Pratt Towson Campus. Screen walls were also constructed around the above ground fuel tanks to minimize their visual impact. Landscaping was provided around all new structures.

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