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Mercy High School Science Lab
Mercy High School Science Lab
Mercy High School – Baltimore, MD

Over the last several years, SVA has provided various mechanical/electrical/plumbing (M/E/P) engineering services for Mercy High School in Baltimore, Maryland. SVA initially assisted with the development of the high school's master plan. The engineering services provided was to develop various heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system options to upgrade the aging high school's infrastructure as phased renovations are planned and developed. SVA's review included both centralized and decentralized approaches to HVAC system upgrades as well as upgrades to the existing electric service, lighting, fire alarm, electrical distribution equipment and the various plumbing systems.

The initial master plan services identified a decentralized high efficiency variable air volume system approach utilizing high quality packaged rooftop units and variable air volume distribution while utilizing the existing hydronic heating system since the existing piping systems were copper and tested and proven to be in good condition. Also the decentralized approach was recommended since the recent large building addition was served by rooftop variable air volume systems.

The first project that was identified in the master plan was the upgrade of the aging Science Lab Wing. The M/E/P engineering services included the design of a rooftop HVAC unit with VAV distribution to each of the classrooms and areas of the renovation project. The existing hot water heating system serving the original unit ventilator system was modified to create a reverse return piping system that would eventually serve the other areas of the school building as renovations were planned. Complete new electrical systems were designed for the renovated lab areas. In addition, new plumbing systems including sanitary/vent, domestic water systems and natural gas piping systems were designed for the Science Lab casework systems.

SVA also reviewed the aging electric service and systems serving the school. Under a phased renovation approach, all of the electric panels throughout the school building were replaced as funds became available. In addition, a plan was developed to increase the school's electric service to eventually serve air conditioning systems for the entire high school building.

The recent project scope included the total redesign of the mechanical and electrical systems in the boiler room. The aging boiler system was replaced with a modular high efficiency condensing boiler system. The boiler room design also included new variable speed pumping systems to replace the original multiple pumping systems. The controls for the new hot water heating systems will allow for the efficiency of the condensing type boiler during mild weather conditions and allow for maximum heating water temperature that will be required during design heating days. This approach to controlling the boilers will provide both the efficiency required as well as the high capacity heating required during the design days. The variable speed pumping systems and the addition of two-way control valves provide for efficient operation of the hot water heating system. The boiler room design also included the consolidation of the domestic hot water heating systems to a single system to serve the reduced load of the high school facility. In addition, the original electric service panels and distribution equipment and transformers within the boiler room were upgraded as part of the boiler room project. SVA served as the prime consultant for the boiler room upgrade project.

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