our mission

BGE Headquarters in Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. Headquarters Building Separation.

SVA Mission Statement

SVA tenders Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing engineering consulting services to the construction industry in the form of studies, reports, designs, construction administration, and commissioning services. WE ENDEAVOR to provide superior, practical engineered solutions for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing design challenges while acting always in the best interests of our clients, be they owner, architect, developer or design/build contractor.

WE ENDEAVOR to perform all work with no less than the highest of ethical standards and sound engineering judgment.

WE ENDEAVOR to seek out, keep abreast of, and apply the very latest in technological advances in a prudent manner so as to provide the maximum in economic and operating advantages to our clients.

WE ENDEAVOR to promote the highest quality of service by implementing a vigilant program of in-house review and quality control.

WE ENDEAVOR to provide efficient consulting services at reasonable fees and fair profits by maintaining both a knowledgeable, smart-working staff and the most automated and streamlined office system presently available.

WE ENDEAVOR to promote from within as much as is practical, thus providing performance incentives and opportunities for career growth at every level of employment.

WE VALUE experience, education, professionalism, professional development, and community service.


WE SUPPORT local educational, professional, and cultural institutions.